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Founded in 1990, Anthony imports from neighboring Turkey and builds its own delivery network. The company has extensive practical experience, highly qualified and responsible staff, modern transport and everything you need for complete customer satisfaction.

highly qualified and responsible staff, modern transport and everything necessary for complete customer satisfaction.

THE TRUE TASTE of olive oil

For centuries, the people of Antalya have believed and relied on the power of olive oil. For years, the adventure, called "olive oil", has been associated with the Karlanguch brand. Since the founding of the company in 1953. so far, the history of Karlangach from Akhisar to Yarimcha reflects continuous development and continuous success. The acquisition of

"Sesay Yumer Madra", a well-known since 1914. brand., further stabilizes the company to become one of the main players in the domestic market. The company continues its development with the strength of the Anatolian Group.

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“ANTONIY” Inc. is the only formal agency of the Turkish Company “ JENICAG GIDA SAM JIK A.S” for Bulgaria. It imports over 50 items of food products bearing the ECE brand. These products are of high quality and variety as well. The large range of products includes black and green, sliced and sauced olives, olive paste and pickles, pickled gherkins, vine leaves, tomato paste and many other delicious olive products.